Tracking your Progress and Receiving your Completion Certificate

One of the most frustrating things with an online class can be not remembering where you left off! Sure, you could bookmark the page you’re on, but then every time you come back you’d have to create a new bookmark. And what if you tried to access your course from another device? That bookmark won’t be available, and you’ll have to click through each day to try and remember which lesson you are on. Today I’d like to introduce you to one of the great benefits of this class – progress tracking. I’ll also teach you how to receive your Completion Certificate once you have finished the course.

Tracking your progress in the course will help you remember where you left off last time. It helps you stay on top of your lessons, and gives you an easy way to find the next lesson from your course schedule page.

If you scroll to the bottom of any course lesson, you will notice a shiny green button labeled “Mark as Completed”.

Mark as Completed

Pressing this button will change the message at the bottom of the screen to a message that lets you know you have completed this lesson.


This makes it easy for your to simply log in to your Dashboard, click on your Course Schedule, and know at a glance which lesson you need to start with.

Schedule Some Completed

Then, once you have completed all the lessons in your course, you will see a message at the bottom of each lesson that lets you know you have completed the course and gives you a link to download your certificate of completion for the course!

Course Completed

So next time you finish a lesson, just click the “Mark as Completed” button at the bottom! You’ll always know right where you are, and you’ll have your course certificate as soon as you finish – no waiting!

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