Photoshop 1 & Photoshop 2 Class Bundle

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Twice the content for a great deal: Buy one class, get the other at 50% off!

We currently offer 4 bundles to choose from: Beginner/Intermediate, Photoshop 1/Photoshop 2, Portrait Lighting/Photoshop Elements, and Portrait Lighting/Lightroom. Each bundle option gives you 60 days of access to the instructors for feedback and questions.

Did I mention the 30-day money back guarantee?

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A Fantastic Deal!

Take the Photoshop 1 Class and combine it with the perfect follow-up class: the Photoshop 2 Class. You get the benefits of both classes, but at just a fraction of the cost!

Worrying about fitting them both into one month? Set your mind at ease! When you purchase these classes at our special discount price, you receive 60 days of instructor access. This gives you two full months to ask questions and get help as you work through your classes. Best of all, you’ll be able to access the courses FOREVER, so you can review the lessons from these classes for years to come!

Where else can you get a TWO MONTHS of access to a professional photographer and LIFETIME ACCESS to the video lessons for just $147?

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