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Lightroom is incredibly powerful software, and one of the first photo editing/organizing programs we suggest that new photographers purchase. Using Lightroom, you will be able to efficiently organize your photos and make basic edits. This class will guide you through what you need to know to make the most of this amazing software.

Did I mention the 30-day money back guarantee?

2 Classes. 2 Months. 60 days of instructor access.

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Product Description

In-Depth Lessons

  • Organizing Your Photos
  • Cardinal Sins of Lightroom Storage
  • Learning the Professional Workflow
  • Essential Lightroom Skills
  • Becoming a Power Editor


Reviews & Guarantee

If you find a reason not to love your class, we will gladly refund your purchase within 30 days.Take a class that’s too easy or too hard? Let us know and we will happily transfer you to a different class.

Jim & Dustin’s simple style and clarity made a huge difference… Not overly technical and also not overbearing….””Very important to me, is how responsive they are to my numerous questions via email – really over and above what they probably should be replying to!””My daughter and I sit through the classes together and it’s fun.”

Meet the Instructors

Jim Harmer is a well-known landscape photographer currently living in Idaho, USA. He is the author of six photography books and co-host of the Improve Photography Podcast.Jim’s photography blog,, is visited by millions of photographers from around the world, and is followed on social media by over 180,000 photographers.



Get an additional 30 days of instructor access when you combine with the Portrait Class! Click here for details.

Worried about picking the wrong class? Not a problem. If you sign up for a class and realize it’s too basic or too advanced for you, we’re ALWAYS happy to switch you over to a different class for free. We just want to make sure you love your class.

6 reviews for Lightroom Class

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I just finished the Lightroom class. It was fantastic! The videos were very informative and easy to understand. I had some prior knowledge of Lightroom but certainly learned so much more with this class. I have reprocessed most of the photos that I had previously worked on based upon the new skills I learned. As with anything to do with photography, practice, practice.
    Thanks, Jim!

    C. Hines

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This was my first experience with Lightroom and I had a lot of fun with it. Lessons are laid out in an orderly fashion and easy to follow. I always enjoy the hands on work that these classes allow. I feel that is the best way to learn. I am now very comfortable using Lightroom — still things to learn but I can maneuver through it easily. I also know that I will always have access to the lessons for future reference.

    This was the 5th online class I have taken from Improve Photography. I am never disappointed with what I take away from each class. You will always get great tips, easy to follow lessons, hands on assignments, fast personal responses to your questions and almost always a good laugh. Jim and Dustin and the rest make a wonderful team for easy learning.

    My only regret — I was limited for time and didn’t get to use the access to Jim enough. I would highly recommend this and any of the other classes offered by Improve Photography.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is actually my third online photo class with Improve Photography (the first two being the beginner and intermediate classes). The tutorials by Jim Harmer are excellent and easy to understand. One of the things I was concerned about with the beginner and intermediate classes is that the video and audio could have been improved, such as one of the beginning classes having a siren in the background which made the class distracting. The video for the Lightroom class is vastly improved in that there are no distractions, Jim could be easily heard throughout the video (compared to some videos in other classes which were outside where he was holding a microphone), and the composition of the video was better with Jim looking at the camera, compared to the beginner and intermediate classes where he looked away from the camera while talking.

    The subject matter follows a logical progression, and although I have been using Lightroom for over a year and felt comfortable using it, I still learned things from the first “basic” section of the class. So, I would encourage for experienced users of LR to still start from lesson 1.

    I think the best thing about the class that makes the cost worthwhile is that he is available for any type of question. It does not have to be about the lesson, but anything regarding photography! I have asked him questions about landscape and portrait photography, and he responded with audio feedbacks within a couple of days. It’s like listening to his podcast with the answer directed only to you (without the wait).

    So overall I am giving this class 5 stars, due to the great tips from Jim (not from some book but through his experience), the great video and audio quality of the classes, and most of all, tapping into his knowledge with your own questions.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have been a LR user for about a year and was hesitant to take the LR class thinking I wouldn’t learn anything. I was told I could have full refund if I wasn’t satisfied. I seriously thought that I would be having to return the class but I was wrong! Even though I was familiar with LR, I learned so much from every lesson but I especially loved the last 2 weeks of the class. I am so thankful that I took this class.

    I had a few questions that I sent thru email and they always answered them in timely manner.

    I will and have already recommended this class to my friends. Thank you Improve Photography for offering all that you do and being so generous with all your photography information. I am forever grateful!

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This class was a perfect fit for me. I enjoyed having the flexibility of watching one, two, or three lessons in one session. I have been using Lightroom for several years but have not had an opportunity for lessons with the more current versions. This class answered several questions that I have had and was packed full of little hints and tricks that I wrote down for future reference. I appreciate that I can go back and review the content of any lesson. Sometime, you think you have it until you try to apply it and then the questions pop up. Well worth the time and cost for anyone struggling to figure out Lightroom which is not intuitive. Thank you! I plan to take the Photoshop classes now!

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Just completed the Lightroom Course and have learned a great deal. The videos are clear and well paced, Jim is honest about which parts of Lightroom he sees as more or less useful but the important editing sections are covered thoroughly and the course includes practice images which the student can adjust before Jim’s explanation of how he would take the editing himself. Having access to the instructors is invaluable, I was able to ask questions about organising my library having imported it from a previous Elements Organiser set-up and later I sent in images I had edited and received back a straightforward and honest appraisal of the image and some good pointers to show the processing could be improved.


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