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Skill Instead of Luck

Michelle N. is an Improve Photography alumnus of the Beginner and Photoshop 1 courses, as well as a current student in our Intermediate and Photoshop 2 courses. Thanks for having these classes! I bought my Sony a580 a little over a year ago, and have been trying to teach myself. The pictures I was taking […]

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From Beginner to Success

Lorraine M. is an Improve Photography alumnus of the Beginner, Intermediate, and Portrait Lighting courses, as well as a current student in our Photoshop Elements and Business courses. I’ve loved photography since I was a teenager, and studied art and photography while I was in high school. After high school I got a job working […]

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Student Testimonial

I am a self taught photographer who has taken a lot of photographs but I have never been confident in speaking about the technological aspects of photography. Most often I shoot sporting events and subjects in movement, also, often at the absolute worst times of day for pleasing exposure. An example would be a black […]

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Sample certificate for a Beginner Class

6 Online Photography Classes that Give a Certificate offers 6 online photography classes that offer a certificate of completion to students who take the course.  You can view our selection of online photography classes that offer certificates here, or read the brief descriptions below. Certificates are awarded to all students who complete each of the 30 short lessons in a class. […]

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Welcome to!

This site is dedicated to serving you, our students, and helping you access all your class information in one place. This is the place to look for answers to your questions, contact information for your instructors, class schedules, updates about courses, and much more. If we need to make a general announcement, we will post […]

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Falling in Love With My Camera Again (Guest Post)

The Rise, fall and rehabilitation of my love of photography and all things camera It was an overcast day when I bought my OM-10 but that didn’t matter. The world was bursting with images waiting to be put on film and I was young enough to think it was the first time anyone had been […]

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Simon the Tripod (Guest Post)

The following is a humorous, yet very instructive post from reader Malcolm Bennie on choosing a tripod.  Enjoy and try not to laugh too much I don’t do much writing but I like trying my hand, a lot like my photography. So when my mate challenged me to write about something trivial I jumped at […]

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