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Using a 5-in-1 Reflector

Brittany K. is a current student in the Portrait Lighting Photography class. She submitted some great photo examples of what a 5-in-1 reflector is good for, and has given permission for those photos to be shared here on the site. I just finished watching Lesson 3 of the Portrait Lighting Class, which was very helpful! […]

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What makes a “good” background?

Brian G. is an Improve Photography alumnus of the Portrait Lighting Photography class. He asked some great questions about portrait backgrounds, and has given permission for his questions and photos to be shared here on the site. I feel pretty solid with the composition lesson. The only thing that’s a bit confusing to me still […]

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Choosing a College for Photography

If you are thinking about taking some photography classes, you have a few options. There are online classes and there are in-person classes. (For a discussion of the pros and cons of each, read this article.) But if you’re thinking about getting a degree or certification in photography, your best bet is to attend a […]

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It Looks a Little Soft…

Tara G., in response to some photo feedback she received: “I don’t understand what you meant by ‘the baby’s eyes look slightly soft’. Second, you said the soft eyes can be caused by focusing too close to the lens in the shot. I don’t know what that means; how do you focus too close to […]

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How much do Online Photography Classes cost?

Choosing an online photography class depends on a number of different factors. Listed below are some aspects worth considering, and how a few different online photography classes measure up. Improve Photography) Kelby Training The Photography Institute The Perfect Picture school of Photography Cost and Payment Options $98/classPayment in full due at time of […]

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Skill Instead of Luck

Michelle N. is an Improve Photography alumnus of the Beginner and Photoshop 1 courses, as well as a current student in our Intermediate and Photoshop 2 courses. Thanks for having these classes! I bought my Sony a580 a little over a year ago, and have been trying to teach myself. The pictures I was taking […]

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