Skill Instead of Luck

Michelle N. is an Improve Photography alumnus of the Beginner and Photoshop 1 courses, as well as a current student in our Intermediate and Photoshop 2 courses.

openQuoteThanks for having these classes! I bought my Sony a580 a little over a year ago, and have been trying to teach myself. The pictures I was taking weren’t horrible, but it was generally more luck than anything when they came out good. Part of the problem was I wasn’t sure why some were good and some were not so good. The beginner class filled in a lot of gaps in my learning, and I’m starting to see what was causing some of the bad pictures. Still working on getting them to the good level. I’m hopeful that I’ll make more progress though the intermediate class.”

— Michelle N.

Michelle has been kind enough to share one of her photos with us. This scene is very well composed and she has done a great job capturing the movement in the water. Keep up the good work!


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